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Wayne King and Tim Guinn from Irv Guinn Construction From Bakersfield
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Without the Support of Tim's Dad Gary this car would not be at the Cackle Shows
Time Machine photo in the Shutdown Area at Famoso Drag Strip Could of been 1963
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The history of this Original 1963 Top Fuel Dragster will be interesting to old drag race fans.  This dragster was originally built by Tommy Ivo for Ed Schutzs from Lompoc California.  The car was welded together by Ron Pepmuller in 1962, Rod told me at the first CHRR that this car was the one he learned to weld on.  He said he would arc weld for a while then gas weld for a while.  The tail was hand built from aluminum by Bob Sorrell from Harbor City. I don't think the car was ever Heli Arc welded until Dave Jeffers welded on the frame in 1963.  A story on this later. Ed had a Muffler shop by the name of Eds Muffler.  Ed had raced a Dragster prior to this car.  Dave McKinzie was his driver.  From the days where a couple of friends could decide over a couple of beers at  the local hang out, to pool their parts and go racin.
Ed raced this car for only a few months.  While Dave McKinzie was the driver, my old friend  Steve Carbone rip was the designated helper, or in those days helpers were called Gofers, go for this and go for that!!!
.  Steve told me at the Reunion in 2005 that he made many trips from LA to Lompoc.  He would haul parts from Reath, Donovan or who ever had the part they needed.
The car was purchased from Ed's Muffler less engine.  Along with the car came the very prestigious Number 2 Spot on Drag News 1320 list.  This list was long before NHRA came up with the National Championship points chase. Charlie Doss and his Father in-law Del Clayton rip built a 354 Cu. In. 1955 Chrysler Hemi motor.  The car had a welded aluminum Donovan Bellhousing, inside was a 2 disc Scheifer flywheel and clutch assembly, actuated by the original 57 Ford brake pedal.  Lightning holes and all.  A 1949 Olds rear end narrowed by Ed Donovan to 26" and also
had Donovan axles. Most of the Chassis builders of that day used Donovan housings exclusively.  Ed would sell the housing without the Olds ends, then when the rear end was mounted in the chassis, they would return the housing to Donovans to have the ends welded on true and sequare.  A 4:10 gear ratio was used.  No transmission or in and out box were used.  As most of the Dragsters of that era were direct drive.  The steering box is Ross from a Franklin Automobile.  The front end was built by Dragster Chasis Guru Kent Fuller, a set of 32 Ford spindles and a Volkswagen leaf torsion bar were also used.  The front Boranni wheels were also done by Fuller.  Dan Daniels from Bakersfield restored the original wheels with polished stainless spokes WOW. The brakes are stock 1953 Oldsmobile.  The ones we used were highly modified for high speed usage.
The original Parachute was and still is a Carter Crossform.  The original pack is still used.
The chassis was originally 120" wheelbase.  After I stood the car on its tail a couple of times we had Frank Huszar of Race Car Specialties (Dave Jeffers did the welding) lengthen it to the present length of 140" .
There is a story of the wheelstand on the Duct Tape History site.  I did a gigantic wheelstand at Lions one night, could not catch the car before it crashed to the strip, bending the frame rails on both side.  We simply got a bumper jack and bent the frame back as close to the originally height, the cut 2 short pieces of a wooden 2 X 4 and Silver ( aka 200 MPH tape) taped them in place on both sides of the frame.  Then we went on to win Top Fuel Eliminator!!!
The Dragster was campaigned up and down the West Coast.  At one time the car held track records for Speed or E.T. or both at most of the tracks it raced on.  In 1964 the car ran and E.T. of 7:56 secods.  That was the new words record for A Fuel Dragster on the Drag News 1320 list.  A Fuel was under - -  Cubic inches on Fuel.  This time was turned at Deer Park Drag Strip (an old B26 Air strip) near Spokane Washington.
The engine was and still is a 1956 Chrysler New Yorker, with 1955 354 cylinder heads.  The heads have been reworked polished with stainless valves.  The camshaft is a flat tappet.  Timing of the cam is 04 degrees ahead of TDC.
Sponsors and Supporters
Guinn Construction, Bakersfield Ca.
Reynolds Machine Bakersfield
Arias Pistons Gardena Calif.
Donovan Engineering Torrance Ca.
Valvoline Oil Company used same oil for over 50 years
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Kingston Collision Kingston WA.   Body prep and
Jim Hume H&H Metal Craft, Sedro Wooly Washington
Tom Hanna many parts
Glen Huntingfords Machine Shop
Don Gillespie Lions Drag Strip Documentary
George Crittenden,
Dana Winters Dana Grafix Spokane Washington
Pete Kaiser Family Marlene, Pete, Fritz, many spare parts
Bob Thompson, Team Thompson lettering and signage
Dick Kalivoda aka The Joker
Robert Lane --Lane Machine & Driver Services
Fred N Buzz Christian
Brendan Murray--Cam  Lifters and friendship
High Speed Motor Sports
Bruce Fulper for selling me the car 21 years ago
Butch Bowers Injector parts
Mountain Boyz Customs 354 Cylinder Heads
Ernie Jameson ..Vertex Magneto, Flow meter,and Friendship for over 50 years
Chuck Doss (old Partner) Chrome Plating
Doug Bentz ...Chrome  Plating
Genco Family Racing Team Frank, Judy, Bill many parts
Jake Noblett Hydrometer, Engine turning plate, Friendship for ever
Jim Sorensen Mysterian Screen Print Good Job Tee shirts
Chip and Heather Stark and the Checs Hot Rod Club and their Ford Wagon Push Car

Tom Willford, Many many parts,
Cutting Edge Vynel, Forks Washington
Dick Towers Match Race Madness many photos
Russ & Patty Griffith  e-mail

Jackson Bro's Drag Videos
Drag Racers Incorperated   The Secret Society
Key Electric Port Townsend
FASTCO Tacoma nuts & bolts
Bill Perkiser Upholustry Bakersfield
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2007 March Meet, Charlie Doss sits in the seat, and feels the Nitro after 42 years.
Lions Drag Strip 1963 Crew member Doug Bentz and Tuner Charlie Doss plugging his ears.  CJ Hart on his scooter, Roger Coburn on the over pass.
Jim Kelly Photo
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The Crew Of The Doss Clayton & King Top Fuel Dragster
CHRR # 2005
              Wayne King VS Rick Stewart
                 Santa Maria Ca.  1964                                   
Rick Stewart "The Iceman" VS Wayne King aka The Peregrine at The Frog Pond aka San Fernando 1964
                Wayne King and Gary Guinn 2005
Lions Drag Strip August. 29th 1964 The  Winners  
       2006 CHRR #15 October Cacklefest
Long time friend and crew member Ken Noblett aka JAKE checks the fuel level.  Jake has crewed on just about every car I drove from the late 60s on..
                       GOOD FRIEND
Jim Kelly photo

Rakers of Port Townsend
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Bobby Casper Photo
Robert Briggs Photo 05
Randys Ring and Pinion
Don Gillespie Photo
Above Photos By Dan Brouillard and
Racer Tom
Dan Brouillard Photo
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                  Digger Ralph Photo
Gary Guinn, Wayne King, Rex McHenry
John Tusa
Nov. 16 1946--October  26 2006

1940------March 23 2008
Friday March 9th

  Friday April 19,SAT April 20, SUN April 21
               at The TRADEX
Abbotsford BC Custom Classic Car Show 
2 Nitro warm ups on Saturday one at 2:00 and one after Dark.  One NITRO warmup on Sunday

April 12, 13 and 15 th
June  22 Port Townsend Memorial Field
The Rakers Car Club will hold their Annual Cruiz-In.  Memorial Field Downtown Port Townsend The Dragster will fire up at 12:00 Noon Sharp on 88% NITROp at 12 Noon Shar    www.rakerscarclub.comprday RKERS 50th                        AnnivrsaryRUZ IN             

Forks West End Nitro thunder.  2 Days of Drags and Nitro.  The BEST show for your money S4 andhelton Drags
Sheltwww.westendthunder.comon Airport.  Push Down Fire up on Sunday
July  NHRA Northwest Nationalsr
cific Rapay Kent Wa.  Lots of warmups and Juaush Down the track on Sunday.  
vern  Tacoma  4:30 PM til??
howod O Rama Mischief Makes car                  Show . Downtown  Tacoma  2 warm up's  till 2:00 PM
Bremerton Raceway 3  warm ups and

a push down fire up on

AUG. @!

NITRO AT BREMERTON at DUSK!!!  Plus a Dinner and Autograph session with the
Has Bens of

W Dr\ag Rac


                      Forks Wa, Forks Airport. West EnNitro Nitro Nitro  Nitro
A really fun filled (affordable) weekend with the Vintage Racers from the days gone.  Come meet and have dinner and enjoy a Push Down warm up of the old Front Moror Dragsters, Funny Cars, This sights and Smell of NITRO wil be in the air.

Oct. 2011 California Hot Rod Reunion   17th 2008 Annual California Hot Rod Reunion
Famosa Drag Strip

I              If you have never attended the Reunion, I highly recomend it.  Whether you like street rods or Old time Top Fuel Dragsters                          If you have never attended the Reunion, I highly recomend it.  Whether you like street rods or Old time Top Fuel Dragsters                         
Bobby Casper Photo
Ernie Jameson longtime friend and crewman.
Ernie lost his battle with Cancer on 8-08-08
Please keep Ernie a nd his family in your Prayers.
Ernie has helped on the restoration. Ernie donated a BRAND NEW VERTEX MAG.
                       THE LIST GOES ON.
T.C. Lemons, Tony Waters and Bud Devechi will be added at the Reunion
Patty Foster
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